Teeth Whitening in Princeton NJ

Whitening Procedure in Princeton NJ

It’s easy to get the whiter teeth you want. Here at East Windsor Dental Arts, we are dedicated to your oral health and also to ensuring that you have a smile you can be proud of. Our teeth whitening in Princeton NJ is just one way that we do that. And you can have it done simply at our office, or do it yourself at home for optimal convenience.

Teeth lose their natural whiteness. Aside from anything you do, your enamel slowly but steadily wears down as you get older. This reveals the dentin beneath. And that tissue is duller. For many people, however, it is personal habits, such as tobacco use, that contribute most heavily to needing our teeth whitening in Princeton NJ. Foods are a factor, too. Among those that are known to stain teeth are hard candies, soy sauce, curry, and berries. And coffee, tea, red wine, and cola are the most common beverages that affect tooth whiteness. Sure, you could use one of those whitening products you find on your store shelf, but they may contain abrasive ingredients, which end up causing damage to your tooth enamel. Our teeth whitening in Princeton NJ is a chemical process in which a whitening agent is applied to your teeth. This agent restores your teeth to their normal white state. The entire visit can be completed in about an hour or less. For home whitening, our cosmetic dentist fashions custom-made trays that will fit you precisely. You wear them at home, for about two to three hours per night. Within days, you should start seeing positive results. And over the course of two to three weeks, you will have the smile you want.

You don’t have to settle for dull, stained, or discolored teeth. Call our office and book an appointment to come in for whitening or to be measured for your trays.

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