Princeton Junction Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies in Princeton Junction

A toothache or any oral pain at all constitutes a Princeton Junction dental emergency, which we address with urgency here at East Windsor Dental Arts. You don’t want to waste time in such a situation. Not only do you need relief for the pain, but the longer it is until you get the required attention, the more likely the problem is to grow worse.

Oral pain can originate in the gums, from periodontal disease. It can also be due to TMJ disorder, a common jaw condition. Most frequently, however, the source is one of your teeth. A cavity is not something you can detect on your own, but you may be aware of a loose filling or one that has fallen out. Chipped or cracked teeth are frequently obvious, but it is also possible for that to happen without your knowledge. What is certain is that your oral pain is very real, regardless of where it’s coming from, and if you can pinpoint where it is or not. You have a Princeton Junction dental emergency, and that means you should be seen as quickly as possible. Our dentist will examine you and most likely take x-rays so that a conclusive diagnosis is reached. The applicable treatment is, of course, dependent on the cause. If your Princeton Junction dental emergency is a cavity or a filling that is loose or has come free, you will get a new filling immediately. Chips or cracks are addressed with a dental crown, for which impressions are taken. The dental lab makes the crown and you will come back for the fitting later. Root canal therapy is performed when the pulp inside has become infected. The procedure is non-surgical and successful 90% or more of the time.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for timely care when you have a Princeton Junction dental emergency. In fact, keep our number programmed in your phone for greatest efficiency.

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