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Tooth Extractions Northboro

Dental extractions in Northboro

Certainly, losing a natural tooth is far from ideal, but when it’s the only choice you have, what matters most is to have it done with the high level of expertise and gentle care that we are known for at East Windsor Dental Arts.

The reasons that our tooth extractions Northboro are necessary range from teeth that have succumbed to advanced decay to those that are fractured beyond repair. Infected teeth are often remedied with root canal, but that is not always possible, so that is another situation in which you may end up having to part with the tooth. We make every effort to save your tooth with treatment, leaving our tooth extractions Northboro as a last resort. Fortunately, we can assure you of the most comfortable experience possible. You will be numbed with local anesthesia beforehand. The goal is have you feel no pain at all as part of the process. After the tooth has been removed, your gums will likely be stitched for optimal healing. There could be some residual bleeding, but do not be alarmed. It’s completely natural, and some gauze will be all you need to manage it. For the first 24 hours, eat only soft foods and rinse frequently with warm salt water. Use an ice pack to address swelling. And when the local anesthesia wears off, you can use over-the-counter pain relief medication. Of course, you will have empty space between teeth, which is cosmetically unpleasant, and can allow your other teeth to shift. You can benefit from a dental implant to replace it, though. You may even be able to get it started as soon as the tooth is removed. Ask our dentist if you’re a good candidate for this.

Schedule our tooth extractions Northboro with a simple phone call to our office. We are here when you need us the most.

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